No Peas, No Justice

In his press conference Monday, President Obama discussed debt ceiling negotiations and told us that it was time to “pull off the bandaid. Eat your peas.”

It was a flip comment, but an insightful one as well as to how he thinks.

Hey, a lot of us like peas. Why wouldn’t we eat them? He assumes that because he thinks we’re children and don’t know better. Evidently Obama thinks we have neither the intelligence nor the discipline to conduct ourselves in a healthy manner. It is so disrespectful of the American people it’s appalling.

Why are he and Michelle so obsessed with what people eat anyway? It pops up almost daily, as it did in his presser. Meanwhile she’s telling kids to eat vegetables – and got a billion to overhaul school lunch – while she runs to the Shake Shack for a cheeseburger, fries and milk shake. It’s a Marie Antoinette moment.

While we’re told to be on a diet when it comes to sacrificing for the budget, he’s heading to the all you can eat Congressional pork buffet.

It’s not right and the American people know it’s not if you watch the polls. President Obama, you’re the one who needs to go on a fiscal diet. You eat the peas and then we’ll talk.

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