J.C. Watts

I would like to see JC Watts debate Obama. He certainly doesn’t need a teleprompter and spoke easily and amusingly about his life and life in Congress.

He talked about how overtaxed Americans are and how we wouldn’t advise a third world country to do what we are doing if they wanted to progress. Today we get up in the morning and put on our clothes and there’s a tax on that. We take a shower and we are taxed on the utilities. Eat our breakfast and there’s a tax on our food. Get in the car and there is a tax on that. Fill up with gas and a tax on that. Go to work and they tax your income. Pick up the kids from school and that’s taxed. Sit in front of the TV and there’s a cable tax. Get on your knees and pray to God, kiss your wife good night and you think there’s no tax on that, but there’s a marriage tax! How true! Nothing escapes a tax by the government.

With 5 children and two currently in college he says he’s been busy putting them through school. He said he’s always worked with the United Negro College Funds and recently got a call asking for donations. Everyone laughed at his reply: “I AM the United Negro College funds!”

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