Words From the Week

The best phrase of the week has to come from President Obama.

“Don’t call my bluff, Eric,” Obama warned Republican Congressman Eric Cantor in one of the debt ceiling meetings. Now that one’s a head scratcher. What poker player admits he’s bluffing? Why would Obama tell us that? His temper flare indicates he doesn’t have himself under control and that he’s losing his thought processes.

“Twit conference” was what some wags called the twitter townhall. Add nit and you’d be more accurate.

Hurray for Rand Paul. The Kentucky Senator was asked if we were “kicking the can down the road.” He objected. “Can we please put that phrase to rest?” he asked. Amen.

“Warmists” are what author James Delingpole calls people who believe in Global Warming. He’s written a book about it called “Watermelons: The Green Movement’s True Colors.” By that he means they are green on the outside and Communist red on the inside.

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