Raising Eyebrows

Some happenings reported around the blogosphere are interesting developments that cause many to raise an eyebrow.

EWTN network reports that Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez received the anointing of the sick at a July 5 Mass. The sacrament used to be called the last rites. Hmmm.

Lots of ship movement being noticed. The GHWB carrier has entered the Persian Gulf – the first time one of our carriers has gone through the Straits of Hormuz in months. Another amphibious warfare ship has plopped down by Libya while another carrier is leaving the South China Seas to anchor near the Ronald Reagan also near the Straits. Ex CIA agent Robert Baier (George Clooney played him in Syriana) has said he thinks there will be an Israeli-Iran conflict in September. Why? He believes Netanyahu will strike then before the vote on a Palestinian state. What would Obama do then?

The US Misery index is now at a 28 year high. Time to bring out our Carter sweaters, prepare for gas lines and settle into malaise.

The Gunrunner Scandal may soon include Texas. Originally the Fast and Furious concerned the ATF in Phoenix. Since then, Florida officials are looking into the role played in gun running to Central America. The death of agent Jaime Zapata in Texas needs explanation. Many feel the Gunrunner scandal was a national policy and not one likely to pop up independently in so many areas. Time will tell.

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