From Fiction to Fact

Did you notice how last Friday at his press conference, President Obama said that 80% of the American people support his plan, i.e. tax increases?

It was quite a whopper. No poll had placed his tax increase proposal that high. In fact, many, such as Rasmussen continually showed a good majority of Americans as against more taxes.

With a wave of their wand, CBS delivered a poll by Monday that showed 71% of Americans don’t like the Republican plan concerning the debt ceiling. They went on to extrapolate that most Americans really want to see taxes raised.

Talk about media lapdogs! All it took was a “suggestion” from Obama and CBS and its fellow liberal media made it happen for him. Sadly, a lot of conservatives swallowed it and started hyperventilating.

In the end, people will only judge what is done by its results. Obama will still own the economy.

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