Satire? No, the future

money-go-roundI had just put up my bicycle in the garage – so much room in there now since the government and Ed Begley Jr. persuaded me to dump my carbon footprint making, gas pedal throttling Toyota – when I realized I had forgotten to buy a replacement light bulb.

A few weeks back I had (clumsy me!) dropped my energy efficient mercury light bulb. Weeks of cleaning furniture, washing bedding, removing carpet and airing out the room for days (I follow my EPA directions!) ensued. Now, when I finally was able to remove my gas mask and pedal to the store I left my list behind and forgot the bulb.

How could I have forgotten it? Well, there’s a lot on my mind since my aging parent had to report to the Donald Berwick Senior evaluation center. Her hip was hurting a lot for months and she was hoping to get a replacement. At 63 they deemed she would be an inefficient use of the taxpayer money under our new Health Care Reform bill (they’re probably right, she was a stay at home mom and a real drag on society) so Mom’s going to move in with us.

Now the builder and my EPA agent were going to arrive soon to talk about making an extra bedroom for her and it would have to be done in the dark.

Yes, it will be costly to make a new bedroom. But, lucky for me, without car payments I was able to pay for the thousands of dollars in environmental compliance upgrades mandated by the Home Star Retrofit Act of 2010. And with my Smart meter installed I don’t have to rely on my own eyes to check the thermostat to make sure it’s at the most energy saving level; the government does it for me! Think of the money I’ve saved paying out thousands in energy savings. And they say Obama doesn’t care! Sure he does, and Congress, too, since they passed the Home Star Efficiency loan and I can conveniently use Fannie Mae as my official lender.
But back to the bedroom. We won’t make it too big, especially since I’ll have to pay for the installation of proper hookups for charging an electric vehicle. Not that I have one, but the guy working for the builder will have to charge his up somewhere, as he makes improvements, won’t he? He was one of the 400,000 lucky people in the right demographic group allotted his for free! Isn’t government wonderful? I’m sure he could use it with all his family now coming across the border since Obama declared amnesty.

Should anyone think this scenario is far fetched and unlikely, take a look at the latest Senate energy bill unveiled last week. These proposals are in it buried under pages devoted to “Oil Spill Response,” “Reducing Oil Consumption,” “Protecting the Environment” and other innocuous sounding titles. In essence, though, it is a move towards more government spending and social engineering.

Check out the article “Poison Pill: The New Senate Energy Bill” at and then tell me this can’t happen here.

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