How About a Dose of Your Own Medicine?

Jonathan Karl of ABC news got rather sanctimonious about Michele Bachmann’s headaches.

Bachmann, it was alleged by the Daily Caller, suffers from acute migraines. They are so painful she sometimes has to skip a day of work or go to the hospital to deal with them. The report said she takes a lot of prescriptions to cope with the problem.

Karl, over eager to sling some mud, criticized her. “Common practice for more than a generation has been that presidential nominees from the major parties release extensive medical records going into their entire medical history,” he wrote.

Quite surprising since in the 2008 campaign McCain gave an in depth account of his health, although Barack Obama gave but a superficial one. Don’t remember Karl getting all hot under the collar about that. No questions about Obama’s smoking habit, whether he’s overcome it or if it could have implications for his long range health. No questions about his weight loss. No questions about the odd scar that runs on Obama’s scalp. No outrage at all.

Funny, isn’t it?

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