Will Gunwalker Hit Its Mark Soon?

While everyone worries about the debt ceiling problem, don’t lose sight of the Gunwalker scandal. It appears things are gathering momentum there and Congressman Darrell Issa will recommence his inquiry Tuesday.

The best source of in depth information on it can be found at www.sipseystreetirregulars.blogspot.com. Yesterday the author offered some tantalizing information. “I had a meeting with some folks and learned a very interesting piece of the Gunwalker puzzle. All of a sudden, everything clicked into place. Another milestone if it proves to be true.

“Tonight, for the first time since the Gunwalker Scandal broke in December of last year, I slept with a borrowed semi-auto pistol under the pillow next to me.

“I am not scared for my safety…I’m scared that now – even knowing what we know – we still might fail.

“And we cannot fail, for these people are evil beyond measure. They are, in a very real sense, scorpions who care not who they sting and who they kill.

“All for evanescent power.”

What seems to be at stake here are second amendment rights. Stopping Americans from owning guns is something the left has tried for a long time. Public sentiment is against them, so why not take a back door approach? The lapdog media will run to show how guns wind up in the wrong hands, thereby calling for an end to private gun ownership.

Or, there could even be something deeper at play.

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