Newt Gingrich

Last night at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference Newt Gingrich shared his thoughts on the current situation the country finds itself in and what to do about it in stark, realistic terms.

He said he would never have dreamed a year ago – or even last December – that the Republicans would have had such an opportunity to take back the House and Senate in 2010. He feels the Democrats have not acknowledge the wave building against them, even after our victories in Virginia and New Jersey trumped by Senator Scott Brown’s win in Massachussettts.

We need to frame the campaign by calling attention to the differences between liberal policies and the traditional American values. For instance, that the country was founded on freedom and they are offering serfdom. Do we hold to the work ethic or go with their redistribution of wealth? Gingrich feels were are in the most serious conflict we have been in since the 1850s.

He holds to two beliefs. Number 1: elections have consequences. Number 2: consequences have elections.

He gave three “assignments” to us:

1. Talk about the secular socialism goals of Obama. Point out that we’re not in a power struggle, but a struggle over core values. That is, does a work ethic matter? Are we endowed with rights by our Creator, or does government define who we are? Obama, he says, is following a set of values antithetical to American traditions.

2. He will be discussing his 2 + 2= 4 slogan that will be outlined at American Solutions. He talked about how the Poles in the 70s put up signs in their home windows and businesses that said 2 + 2 = 4. It comes from thoughts by Camus and Orwell who say you can be made to believe that 2 + 2 = 5 if the government succeeds in propagandizing us. With those signs in their windows they voiced their opposition, but could not be arrested or questioned by putting up such an inoffensive sign.

3.  Project positive ideas. When asked on topics our candidates need to say yes to a balanced budget, not just deriding the Dems’ plans. Yes to stopping the loss of Medicare dollars to fund other projects. In other words, “Let me tell you what I’m for.”

I look forward to his new book and ideas that he will be rolling out soon.

He certainly seemed like someone running for president and I’ve never seen him better. He presents his thoughts so clearly you just can’t disagree. Gingrich got a big ovation from attendees.

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