Powerline Prizes

In May, Powerlineblog announced a contest. They were concerned about the nation’s escalating debt. The editors wrote, “Our nation faces an unprecedented financial crisis. Every knowledgeable citizen understands that the fiscal path we are on is unsustainable. Indefinite continuation of the status quo is not an option. There are only two possibilities: reform and collapse.”

They continued, noting that a “critical one-third, many of them young, who for whatever reason do not yet understand the threat that federal spending and debt pose to them and to the country… Toward that end we are proud to announce the Powerline prize of $100,000 to whoever can most effectively and creatively dramatize the seriousness of the federal debt crisis. Any medium – video, song, screenplay, TV commercial, painting, power point, essay, performance art or anything else is acceptable.”

Entries have all been looked at and the bloggers are counting down the winners. Second place gets $15,000 and two runners up each get $5,000. Go to Powerlineblog.com to see all the great entries. Here are two that did not win, but got kudos for their creativity.

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