Scolder in Chief

President Obama managed to surface this morning from wherever he’s been hiding to give a little speech about the debt ceiling.

Once again, he took the patronizing tone of a principal with rowdy elementary schoolchildren. Detached, Obama tried to separate himself from the rest of the government in Washington. It’s an amazing achievement, really, considering that as president he basically IS the government.

He began, talking of the “increasingly urgent” need to raise the debt ceiling. He attacked the Republican plan as irrelevant since “it has no chance of becoming a law.” OK; where’s yours?

Obama said the successful bill would be bipartisan and “not just one faction” a zing to the Tea Party. He said Reid and McConnell’s plans could be modified for him to sign into law (come on kids, start behaving!). Then he went to the scare tactics. “We could lose our country’s triple A credit rating not because we can’t pay our bills, but because we didn’t have a triple A political system to match.” Once again, does he include himself in that or is he hors de combat? Then we could see a “tax increase on everyone in the form of higher interest rates on their mortgages, their car loans, their credit cards.” Kids! There will be detention for all if the few don’t straighten up!

Obama then shifted to the wheedling argument. “There are a lot of crises in the world that we can’t always predict or avoid. Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, terrorist attacks. This isn’t one of these crises.” Come on guys, it could be a lot worse!

“We can end it with a simple vote” that just gives us the ability to pay our debts, the ones that “Congress has already racked up.” This is rich, considering Obamacare will bankrupt us, he’s gotten us involved in the moneyless pit of war in Libya and spent stimulus money that accomplished nothing. I don’t recall a single Republican voting for any of these. It was Democrats and Democrats coerced and bludgeoned by Obama who did these things.

As he did Monday night, the president finished by exhorting the American people to get to the phones and let your Congressman know that you want the debt ceiling raised. What he didn’t mention is that the calls were as much or more against his plans as for them!

Finally, Obama wanted Washington to show the leadership that the American people expect. Well, seems to me the leader of the country has the number one duty to be a leader and not school marm.

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