What’s Next? Kill the Wabbit?

It appears Obama is looking like a Jimmy Carter/Elmer Fudd hybrid.

Remember when Jimmy Carter said he was attacked by a killer rabbit while canoeing in 1979? It was so bizarre that it made his presidency even more Looney Tunes than it was.

Is the same thing about to happen to Obama? No less than University of Virginia and pro Democrat analyst Larry Sabato believes so.

As quoted at blogsforvictory, in a tweet no president could love, Sabato raises the specter of yesteryear and not in a good way. He tweeted: “And Obama? POTUS looks weak, irrelevant, Carter-ized – at least for now. Any day, I expect him to be attacked by a killer rabbit.”

When Sabato see a killer rabbit looming ahead, the White House should be worried. With his handling of the economy, Elmer Fudd comes to mind, too.

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