Words of the Week

It’s over the top week! That usually means an election is near or a close vote.

Take, for instance, Nancy Pelosi’s turn of phrase yesterday. She said Speaker John Boehner had gone “over to the dark side.” Wow, that sounds ominous. Dark as in Satanic or has his deep tan reasserted itself? From her horror you’d suppose he’s going to start slashing Grandma, babies and the handicapped as soon as he can get this bill passed. Wait a minute – that’s the Democrat plan: cut Medicare by 500 billion, fund Planned Parenthood’s abortion mills and set up death panels through the Health Care bill.

Then Pelosi called him Darth Boehner, alluding to the Star Wars villain. Really, Nancy, with all your Hollywood friends you could at least make allusions from the last decade instead of raiding the 70s. And what happened to all the jibes about cry baby Boehner? Suddenly the teary eyed Speaker has become the evil Master of the Universe. Who knew he had this side to him?

Continuing on the evil streak, Democrat Congressman Emanuel Cleaver says the debt ceiling deal is a “Satan sandwich. This deal is a sugar coated satan sandwich. If you lift the bun, you will not like what you see,” he said, implying that it helps the rich and hurts the poor. There’s no sunshine band from this KC resident. Just two questions: Is it super hot like hell and do I get fries with that?

No less than writer Peggy Noonan has also taken aim. The former Obama fan has soured on him and wrote about it in her Wall St. Journal column. Particularly apt was her description of Press Secretary Jay Carney. He “stands there looking like a ferret with flop sweat.” Nailed!

Sadly, another appropriate turn of phrase succinctly expresses the state we’re in. The economy is being called “debt man walking.” Let’s hope he doesn’t take us all to the chair.

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