Still Bitter

Tomorrow marks the first year anniversary of the city wide election that saw Republicans win nine of the ten seats up for election.

Evidently the victory still rankles Democrats. They could not believe then, and still don’t, that motivated Republicans in Shelby County worked hard and got the vote out, while Democrats assumed that they would once again win and did not make much of an effort. Today’s Commercial Appeal shows they are still plotting to undermine the Election Commission.

The chairman of the Election Commission, Robert Meyers, was the guest at our Tuesday night meeting. He arrived late and explained to me that he had gotten a last minute call from the Shelby County Commission regarding an attempt to start up another Election Commission. He had to look into it and respond. Today’s newspaper article fills in the gaps on his explanation.

James Harvey, a Democrat Shelby County Commissioner, wants to have a new committee to regulate the now Republican controlled Election Commission. Not only is this preposterous, it is also insulting. Every scrap of that August 5 election was looked at by attorneys and judges. No fraud was uncovered. There are both Democrats and Republicans on the Commission and each keeps an honest eye on the other. The two Democrats on the Commission could find no wrong; this displeased the Party and they have been replaced.

Harvey says he didn’t know about Wednesday’s early meeting. He wants changes before the October election. Shelby County residents are asked to pour more money into another study, Harvey’s cronies and public hearings.

Sorry, this doesn’t sound Kosher. Harvey says he’s introducing the moves at the suggestion of Suhkara A. Yahweh, aka Sweet Willie Wine Watson, a longtime Memphis activist. The name Sweet Willie registered with me – it’s a name you don’t forget. In high school in the early ’70s our class took a trip to the courts downtown to watch how they operate. Sweet Willie, not yet Yahweh, was in some kind of trouble. Google him and you find he’s made a habit of filing voting rights lawsuits, but to little avail.

Seems like Harvey, a mayoral candidate, is using all this as a way to gin up outrage in the black community and turn it into votes.

Meyers, honorable man that he is, will encourage those parties to seek an opinion from the attorney general. The County Commission put it off until after the election. Seems like the right move.

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