Cohen Shares his 2 Cents Worth

And I do mean two cents. That’s about what his advice is worth.

Our Shelby County Congressman appeared this morning on Neil Cavuto’s Fox Business show to talk about the downgrading by S&P. As always with Democrats, no matter the problem, no matter the crisis, the answer is always more taxes.

“It was a wake up call for Congress to make cuts as well as increase revenues. (S&P’s action) reinforces the president’s actions and Speaker Boehner’s,” Cohen said. He went on to blame the Tea Party for the mess. “It highlights the intransigence of the Tea Party which hurt Speaker Boehner from being able to work with Republicans and the president…We wanted a shared sacrifice (drinking game alert!) and we wanted revenue as well,” Cohen said.

Cavuto asked him if the liberal wing of the Democrat party wasn’t also as intransigent. Cohen ducked that. Then Cavuto asked “what about the 51% of people who pay no income taxes? Are they going to be left out of the shared sacrifice?”

Cohen resonded by doubting the 51% figure. He went on to blame “Wall Street folks.” The budget “needs to be balance,” Cohen continued, echoing the talking point the president has been using to appear moderate and rational.

He kept babbling until Cavuto said, “I beg you to stop,” and the segment ended.

Clearly the Democrat battle plan is to attack the Tea Party as radical crazies, continue to speak about “shared sacrifice” and try to appear moderate by invoking “balanced.”

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