Words/Phrases of the Week

Of course Joe Biden calling the Tea Party “terrorists” was so over the top it was quickly used and promoted by other Democrats and media henchmen. Funny, they usually don’t know a terrorist when they see one. Take Bill Ayers, for example. His actions resulted in the deaths of innocent Americans just to promote his ideology, but he’s not a terrorist. Today he’s the grandfatherly guiding figure of liberals. Sport a “don’t tread on me sticker” and ask for budget cuts and suddenly you’re Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin all in one, though.

Radio talk show host and Fox News contributor John Gibson nailed Obama’s economic plans as “faculty lounge ideas.” He continued, “He’s got the ideas he came out of college with that he’s stuck with and he believes in. It’s in his DNA. The problem is it has been proven not to work.” And he said that even before the S&P downgrade!

Legal Insurrection blog pegged Obama’s reelection cleverly as “Obama’s Catch 2012.” If the president continues to follow his policies he will lose. If he changes his policies he will likely lose. Sounds good to me.

Another blogger, Stratasphere.com, put his policies in a different way. “Obama thinks in the vague, finger paint focus of someone who only has a cursory grasp of the wide spectrum of specialties that go to make up human culture and society.” Finger paint focus – I like it!

“Fedbots” was another winner. Unthinking bureaucrats who proceed with what they do no matter if it makes sense correctly details what goes on in Washington.

At Hillbuzz they were talking about “mood ring Romney.” Exactly. He couldn’t bring himself to take a stand on the debt ceiling deal early. He waited to pooh-pooh it until Monday afternoon when it was being discussed on the House floor. Not something a decisive leader would do.

Finally, Bill Maher asked former Chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers Christina Romer – now a professor at the University of California Berkeley (where else would she land?)- how she feels about being “Palinized” (by the right, of course!). Doesn’t that mean he knew exactly what the strategy was to derail Sarah Palin by making her look like a clueless fool even though she wasn’t? The charming couple couldn’t converse without the use of the F word either. Romer said the S&P downgrade indicated the country was “pretty darn f-ed” (gentile of her to use darn, wasn’t it?). Maher said “F you” to her for still defending the president. Role models aren’t they?

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