Victory in the Badger State

Yesterday the Left was optimistic that they could win the recall elections in Wisconsin. It would be their first successful move in gaining back collective bargaining in Wisconsin, recalling Governor Scott Walker and going viral against any union busting, budget cutting Republican. It would be the playbook they could use in the presidential election to keep their buddy Obama in the White House.

They ran into a snag, however, last night. After pouring millions into six races, they only managed to win two. It’s not enough to take back the Wisconsin Senate. In fact, they now have two seats to defend in the Democrat recall election August 16th.

The result ended up boosting Governor Walker. He wasn’t cowed before and he certainly won’t be now with these victories under his belt. They boosted John Kasich in Ohio and Chris Christie in New Jersey as well. These governors have gotten the ire of unions and Democrats by reining in spending and attacking collective bargaining. They now must be encouraged that standing up to these people does not equal defeat.

In fact, this loss could lead to a loss next week. Some of the enthusiasm has to have waned among voters since even if these seats are kept, Democrats still will not reclaim the state Senate. It’s not an incentive to get your voters to the polls, is it? The two seats belong to fleebaggers Robert Wirch and James Holperin. The GOP victory just energized their opponents, Jonathan Steitz and Kim Simac. Now the Republican volunteers can focus on these two and the RNC can concentrate their efforts on them, too.

Another motivator may be that one of the Republican winners last night, Dale Schultz, is a RINO. He voted against Governor Walker on the collective bargaining bill and not sits in the cat bird seat. If he switches parties, he could throw the Senate to the Democrats. He hasn’t made any noises about this, but it’s got to motivate Republican workers on the ground.

Some of the media want you to believe that the Democrats did make progress in the election. I’ve run across lefties who said the two winners won on Republican turf. Not true. Obama won in each of these six districts in 2008. In that year, in fact, State Senator Alberta Darling won by only 1,000 votes. This time the Democrats threw $8 million into this one district race alone. Imagine that much money being spent in Shelby County to elect our state senator, Beverly Marrero. Seems ludicrous, doesn’t it? But that’s how desperate they were. Darling’s seat was called the “keystone race for Democrats” and “the crown jewel.” She won 54-46 last night in spite of all that money. In all, Republicans were outspent 2 to 1.

The RNC sent out an email today touting the election. Chairman and Wisconsin native Reince Priebus said they provided staff on the ground, funded a voter ID program, worked with the Wisconsin party on contact lists and get out the vote, provided Get Out The Vote technology and equipment and funded the absentee ballot program. This is good to know. I wondered if they were paying much attention to this. Evidently they were.

As Priebus says we are now laying the groundwork for the 2012 election. Victory in Wisconsin has to make the outlook a little brighter. Today Republicans are feeling a lot better about our prospects.

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