The Journalistic Code

This is an astounding clip. Dick Durbin, elected representative of the people, refuses to answer a question.

OK, so it’s Durbin and maybe that’s not so surprising. As Senator from Illinois and a Democrat he is deeply mired in the Chicago way. Corruption and intimidation are in his DNA.

What is surprising is reporter William Kelly’s fellow journalists. They immediately castigate him for asking a question, as if that’s not his right. Since they don’t like his viewpoint they launch into attacks on his worthiness. The Washington Times is not a reputable newspaper? Of course it is! I would think it has more standing than Illinois Radio Network.

Aside from their turning on a colleague, one of the reporters starts feeding Durbin information he considers derogatory about Kelly. Then he spoon feeds Durbin possible answers. When Kelly refuses to give up, they call for someone to physically remove him from the event!

Sean Hannity said in 2008 that journalism is dead. Can anyone doubt it?

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