Pawlenty Out

After his poor showing yesterday in the Iowa straw poll (he came in third with only about 13% of the vote), former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty is bowing out of the Republican presidential race.

Sounds like the right decision. He had spent a lot of time and money in Iowa and was overwhelmed. His candidacy never caught fire the way Michele Bachmann’s has. The entry of Rick Perry in the race probably was the final push.

Although Pawlenty laid out an excellent economic plan and was that rare creature – a successful Republican in a very blue state – he didn’t distinguish himself in the debates either. I can’t help remembering how he acted in the Norm Coleman-Al Franken senatorial race. Coleman was the narrow winner. Pawlenty went on TV and assured the rest of us that his secretary of state would do the right thing and declare Coleman the winner. As governor he had some sway in the proceedings. But he let Coleman down and did not support him. Pawlenty should have realized his secretary of state was heavily backed by George Soros money for precisely this outcome. Franken was proclaimed the victor despite ballots clearly marked for Coleman. This did not bode well for how a President Pawlenty would act.

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