Words Heard Last Week

Florida Congressman Allen West got the week off on a humorous note. He was discussing Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner on Fox & Friends. West (R) said he had had the opportunity to question tax cheat Tim in congressional committee. “When you open that refrigerator door, the lights don’t go on.” Might I add, the cupboard is bare in there, too?

The S&P downgrade brought an uptick to comedic banter. Rush Limbaugh and Matt Drudge had a lot of fun with Barackalypse Now and Obamageddon. The Economist, in talking about Europe’s money problems that are increasingly resembling Greece, called it Acropolis Now. Sadly, these all ring true.

Politico, liking the opportunity to bash both a Republican presidential candidate and a red state, went on and on about Rick Perry. Every opportunity they had they inserted “The Texan” or Texas in describing him. You’d think it was a disease. Bloggers dubbed it “Texism.” Watch out for this new discrimination. Liberals will want to avoid racism, but practice Texism. Everything coming out of that state will require bashing. Hey, it worked for George W. Bush, didn’t it?

Speaking of GWB, Karl Rove discussed the White House’s plan to “kill Romney.” Not literally, of course, but damage him politically to the point of leprosy. Rove said “they’re going to irradiate anyone” who is a threat to Obama. Expect bomb after bomb to be dropped, although the locations may change.

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