Tour Bus-t

Who in the world thought putting President Obama in a big bus and touring the Midwest for three days would be anything else but a PR disaster? Did his wizards really think he could pull it off?

To begin with, it invites all kinds of comedy, which precedes derision. Republicans quickly did just that with dozens of humorous names for the bus tour. Magical Misery Tour, Rolling Blunder, Highway to Hell Tour, Hell on Wheels tour were but a few.

Some called it Death Star One since the big black main bus with its entourage looked like a funeral procession. And did you see how big it was? At least forty vehicles whizzed past a few people lining the streets. Take a look at this video from the Minnesota leg of the trip.

Where is Al Gore complaining about a carbon footprint when you need him? And where were the American flags? You’d think the president of the U.S. would have room to fly Old Glory in his caravan.

The areas he visited, too, obviously flyover country, had a patronizing feel to it. Evidently the residents felt the same way because nowhere did adoring crowds greet him. Sparse and unenthusiastic are the words that come to mind to describe the attendees. We were reminded how he was doing this before his luxury trip to Martha’s Vineyard. It felt like he was holding his nose and hobnobbing with the peasants, putting up with them before he could abscond to his luxury vacation spot with the beautiful people.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters didn’t like it either, asking why he wasn’t taking that big, black bus into the hurting black communities. Then there was the picture of him surrounded by white kids. The contrast between his seeking that constituency and ignoring the black couldn’t have been more stark.

The incident with Iowa Tea Party head Ryan Rhodes didn’t do much for Obama either. Too many people read about the terrorist comment by Biden. Politico has since reconfirmed their reporting of it. Didn’t Obama’s staff realize that someone somewhere on the tour would approach him with an unpleasant question? It’s mind boggling.

Finding out that the buses were made in Canada was the final touch. How can you own an American car company, tell citizens to buy from it, then promptly buy a foreign car? It’s rank hypocrisy lost on no one.

No wonder his poll numbers plummeted. The only thing he didn’t do to offend us was start calling Michelle “lovey” and ask where the caviar was at the diners.

Once he is on vacation his poll numbers will probably go up. As it stands now, the less he says, the better off we are. He’ll poll better once he’s out of radar.

A word of advice for your vacation, Mr. President. Avoid a canoe trip. All you need is to be paddling along and run into a killer rabbit. You’re already in Carter country, poll wise.

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