Perry’s Very Good Week

Some pundits like to claim that Rick Perry made a gaffe when he referred to Ben Bernanke’s actions as nearing treachery (on the contrary, I think it was PR genius and very shrewd), and thus he had a bad week.

Don’t think so.

Former Bush speechwriter Marc Thiessen traveled with Perry this week and liked what he saw. He reported that the governor was an engaging campaigner. The question about creationism that was prompted by an overactive Mom’s little boy, Thiessen felt Perry handled well. He liked his look you in the eye approach.

Speaking on Fox and Friends this morning, Thiessen opined as how Perry has now eclipsed Bachmann, even though she won the Iowa straw poll. Now Perry is leading the pack nationally in the Rasmussen poll and is 2nd in New Hampshire after only one week campaigning.

“He also got some very good news this week,” Thiessen said. “On Friday the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that Texas last month created 30,000 jobs, the tenth straight month of job creation. And the Democratic head of the Dallas Federal Reserve came out and said that 50% of the new jobs since 2009 were created in Texas. They are not low paying jobs and they’re because of the policies that Rick Perry has put in place. That’s the Democratic head of the Texas Federal Reserve,” Thiessen reiterated.

“So if he focuses on jobs and his record against Obama, he’s going to do very well.”

Marquis St. Evremonde (Basil Rathbone)I might add that Perry provides an excellent juxtaposition to Obama, rattling around Midwest states he needs electorally and then vacationing in tony Martha’s Vineyard. A blog I just discovered,, expressed it well. Pundette wrote, “Husband did some pretty funny shtick the other day on the imperial presidency’s bus tour, featuring Obama as the Marquis St. Evremonde (bad guy in Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities) idly inquiring about the origin of that annoying bump under the wheels of the royal bus as it careened through bitter-clinger land.”

I suspect the man from Paint Creek, Texas, relates a lot more to those people than the professorial, aloof president.

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