Words and Phrases of the Week

Obama’s bus tour was a linguistic gift from God. It seemed everywhere you turned, someone was making a witty word play on the trip.

“Magical Misery Tour” got a lot of top billing, but who wouldn’t like “Debt Man Driving” or “Rolling Plunder?” If you didn’t like those, there was the “Are We There Yet Tour?” the “WTF Tour,” “Hell on Wheels,” “America Under the Bus,” “Hell in a Handbasket Tour” and “Rolling Blunder.” Others suggested “Tour de Farce,” “The GrAA+yhound Bus Tour” and the “American Ayers Liner.” One wit suggested this bumper sticker for the bus: “We Shall Overspend.”

“The Great Debtpression” and “Economic Wreckovery” were two similarly financially oriented expressions I ran across. As much creativity as Americans display you can’t help but wonder what’s holding their dynamism back. Let’s see, maybe the regulations that strangle us at every turn?

Even kids feel the pinch. Recently they have been threatened by the feds for running lemonade stands. Officials have demanded health permits and licenses for your sidewalk salesmen. Remember little Susie from the Verizon ads? She’s been shut down by her Uncle Sam. In other words, she’s what they are now calling a “lemonista.” Three adults, standing in solidarity with their younger brethren, were arrested yesterday in Washington, D.C., for selling the juice on the West Lawn of the Capitol Building. They were involved in Lemonade Freedom Day, a revolt against the recent shutdowns. If lemonistas get together with Tea Party people, they might produce an interesting concoction.

Firebaggers was another term that surfaced this week. The Urban Dictionary defines firebagger as “a person normally of the political left viewed as excessively critical of President Barack Obama, especially if the tendency is to reflexively or obsessively (their split infinitives, not mine) criticize him and seemingly not other political figures.

“Etymology: Jane Hamsher’s popular, left leaning FireDogLake blog was regarded by Democrat moderates as having gone around the bend on being hypercritical, such as when Hamsher appeared on Fox News to denounce Obama’s Health Care bill and got involved with neocon zealot Grover Norquist and even reportedly Tea Party activists.” Hence the Fire(DogLake) (tea)baggers.

It seems an Obama campaign operative in New Mexico called opponents Firebaggers over their negative position on the debt deal. Perhaps they need to chill with a lemonade, if the sourpusses can find some.

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