Marsha Blackburn Responds to Speech

This morning Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn appeared on Fox Business Channel’s Stuart Varney show to discuss President Obama’s speech last night to a joint session of Congress.

The Republican Tennessean said she got thousands of emails and “I did telephone town halls with over 10,000 constituents last night after this speech and repeatedly what we heard from individuals was no new taxes, no new government regulations, please let’s get government out of the way. Please, Mr. President, we don’t want any more stimulus. It didn’t work the first time, it’s not going to work again.”

Varney asked her if Republicans would agree to a cut in the payroll tax which funds Social Security.

“You’re always looking for ways to allow the taxpayers to take more money. What we’re hearing from our constituents is wait a minute, these trust funds which Medicare and Social Security are, well we’re reading these reports from the trustees, they say they’re going to go broke. We’ve heard that Social Security had to go to the general fund and cash in an IOU a couple of times last year because we’re short in the funds. Tell me what this means for us in the long term.

“I think what individuals are wanting to see is thoughtful legislators who are going to be respectful of the American people who are going to listen to what they have to say, who are going to make certain that the commitments that were made to our seniors and near seniors as government had first right of refusal on that paycheck, that they’re going to make good on those commitments. They want common sense and consensus to carry the day and not the bickering that has taken place in statements like ‘go pass my bill.'”

Varney asked her about her guest, Henry Juszkiewiecz, Gibson Guitar CEO.

Blackburn said, “When the president said he wanted to see more products around the world stamped ‘made in the USA’ I wanted to stand up and say what about Gibson Guitars? This is an iconic, over a hundred year old American company and they have imported rosewood from India for many years and you have armed SWAT teams that go into these plants and shut down the artisans who are making these instruments. That is no way to get more products stamped with made in the USA. If you want more products that are stamped with made in the USA let’s cut some of this environmental regulation. Let’s roll back the EPA. Let’s make OSHA stand to the side . Let’s have a one year moratorium on all of these rules and regulations the administration wants to bring on and let’s bring back manufacturing the light bulb and stamp it made in the USA!”

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