Can’t miss meeting

Bill Giannini

Tonight the Midtown Republican Club will welcome Election Commissioner Bill Giannini as our guest speaker.
He should shed a lot of light on the election, voter fraud and the changes he’s made since he took over.
In addition, anyone following the news knows that voter fraud has become a big issue.
J. Christian Adams highlighted the Department of Justice’s unwillingness to prosecute the Black Panthers for their voter intimidation in Philadelphia. Analysts in Minnesota recently came to the conclusion that the felon vote pushed Al Franken to victory after a six month contested battle with Norm Coleman. Locally, several cases of voter fraud have been brought up in Shelby County. And, there has been talk of disqualifying overseas military ballots through mailing deadlines and other connivery.
Anyone wanting to hear Mr. Giannini can come to Cafe Eclectic, 603 N. McLean, at 6 for the meeting.

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