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What’s in a name? A lot of anger when it comes to MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell. His “Rewrite” segment last night was as loopy as anything I’ve heard.

O’Donnell says, “I’ve always felt funny about guys who don’t want you to know their first names. What else don’t they want you to know? They are lying to you when the very first thing they say to you is ‘Hi, I’m Mitt Romney.’ No, you’re not! You’re Willard M. Romney…Then there’s Rick Perry and ‘I want your vote for president of the United States.’ How about telling me your real name which is actually James Richard Perry. The two frontrunners have rewritten their first names!”

He is outraged, but goes on to confess that he uses Jim as his “Starbucks name.”

OK. Isn’t that a lie? Romney and Perry aren’t lying. Those are their names. Is this any criteria for political criticism? Is this in the league with policies on terrorism and economic plans?

Funny, in 2008 liberal commentators (and even some centrists Republicans) wanted people to skip over Obama’s middle name. O’Donnell didn’t have a problem with that.

This next word choice is not so much new, just mispronounced. When President Obama delivered his speech on the anniversary of September 11, he had a bowing problem once again.

This time he didn’t bow to another leader, he said it that way rather than how the Bible means it. In speaking of the bow and spear (bow as in bow and arrow) as referenced in Psalm 46, he had a bow and error. Take a listen:

Commenting on the Solyndra scandal in which more than half a billion taxpayer dollars were lost, South Carolina Republican Senator Jim DeMint dubbed President Obama as a “venture socialist.”

“Solyndra proves President Obama’s investment strategy doesn’t work. Venture socialism never will…Venture Socialism will never produce the successes that free market capitalism has. Solyndra is proof,” DeMint said.

Painful proof, in fact.

Speaking of Solyndra, how does Solargate sound?

“Goonions” was a term birthed by Rush Limbaugh. That’s what he calls the offspring of goons sent out to beat up on people with the ever increasing angry unions.

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