Alexander Steps Down

Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander announced yesterday that he will step down in January from his post as Republican Conference Chair. He will then be able to spend his time on issues rather than policy. He explained he will concentrate on “stopping runaway regulations and spending. But it also means setting priorities – confronting the timidity that allows runaway health care spending to squeeze out support for research, scholarships, highways and other government functions that make it easier and cheaper to create jobs.”

Our Tennessee RNC delegate, John Ryder, emailed, “coincidentally, I was in D.C. today for the announcement. I had a chance to talk with Lamar about it. He believes that this move will free him from some of the duties of the caucus and enable him to do a more effective job as a senator. Especially as a senator from Tennessee. I think he feels that he was spending too much time on tactics and not enough time on policy.”

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