Tick Tock for Ford?

What is it about the Memphis Ford family and Rolex watches?

State Senator John Ford went to jail in the Tennessee Waltz sting after he had obtained a Rolex watch. He got the $70,000 time piece as a gift from developer Rusty Hyneman. A gift with strings – he would see to it that some of Hyneman’s state fines would be erased – and Ford would get a shiny watch. Jail, too, when the gifts for political favors bribery was pointed out by the FBI.

Now John Ford, who just ran for Shelby County Mayor last year, has gotten into trouble over a Rolex watch. Well, two, actually. He went to Midtown jeweler Las Savell on Christmas Eve of 2010 and saw a black Rolex watch for a man and a woman’s white gold watch and decided he’d take them. He did, with the jeweler getting a check for $5,835.31.

Only trouble was, the check bounced. When Savell pointed this out, Ford asked for more time. Then it bounced two more times and the police were called.

Yesterday the former interim mayor and former Shelby County Commissioner was arrested on a charge of theft. He has some other issues with checks and laws, including being fined by the state for operating his funeral home without a license.

Rolexes seem to be a fatal attraction for the Fords.

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