Shame on Cain

The Washington Post’s ridiculous story yesterday slamming Perry for a word on a rock was bad enough. The newspaper talked about some hunting grounds leased by Perry’s father in the 1980s that had a big rock with the word N—erhead on it. They cited seven anonymous sources that said Perry did not move fast enough to remove it. Rick Perry said that the first time he went to the land and saw the rock – around 1983 – he called his dad and asked him to remove it or paint over. Perry Sr. agreed and did at his first opportunity.

Looks like the WaPo tried to macaca Perry as they did George Allen in 2006, but this is a real nothingburger. They did not even interview Perry for the story. His family didn’t own the land and he hasn’t been there sine 2006.

Anyhow we expect that from today’s media. It’s what’s called drive by journalism. They drive by and fire at a target, doing their damage and then leave.

But what is truly egregious is Herman Cain’s reaction to the story. He slammed Perry as “very insensitive” on Fox News Sunday and ABC News. Cain joined in playing the race card with Al Sharpton, who suggested Perry should leave the race.

If you’re allying with Al Sharpton, maybe that should tell voters something. In conservative circles the racism card is a sore point to people who feel they are unfairly targeted with an ideology they despise. Cain should be ashamed of himself. He comes off, as one person wrote, as an “opportunistic huckster.”

People angry at Perry for suggesting conservatives who would deny children of illegal immigrants an education have no heart, have a far more grievous issue with Cain’s remark. It was wrong and opens to the opposition a new weapon, validated in their eyes, by a black man.

It was beneath Cain to do that.

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