Words Heard This Week

Obama has “Birthers.” Chris Christie has “Girthers.” Girthers are the people who make Christie fat jokes. Wonder if they’ll ask for his weight, BMI and cholesterol facts? Bet he has his birth certificate, though.

Speaking of Obama, Christie referred to him as “the demoralizer in chief.” That was the term the New Jersey governor threw at him during his address at the Reagan Library. Given the mood of the country, Christie has a point.

In fact, Obama may face “bedroom slipper enthusiasm,” according to one pundit. Obama’s speech at the Congressional Black Caucus dinner in which he told black voters to kick off the bedroom slippers and put on their marching shoes didn’t endear him as a sole man. Bedroom slipper enthusiasm may well describe his base’s turnout next November.

That may be why, according to Gawker, “Barack Obama haz a sad.” That was their description of the New York Times article alleging that the president is suffering from depression. The Old Gray lady says it could possibly be clinical depression.

At the Stratasphere blog, the author initiated the term “pouting chamber.” That’s what he calls the Senate which kills one bill after another. That may explain the president’s “sad.”

Speaking of presidents, George W. Bush got a new nickname. “The Dub” is what comedian and blogger Eric Golub affectionately calls 43. If “Dub” had a “sad” he never let it interfere with governing.

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