Grade F for False

Listening to Obama’s press conference on Thursday, I did a doubletake when I heard his story about the English teacher who was looking for a job. “I had a chance to meet a young man named Robert Baroz. He’s an English teacher in Boston…In the last five years, he’s received three pink slips because of budget cuts. Why wouldn’t we want to pass a bill that puts somebody like Robert back in the classroom teaching kids?” Obama asked.

Something about it just seemed fishy. It was too perfect a story to believe. In the past he’d told similar tales that didn’t pan out.

This one didn’t either. When the Boston Herald looked into it, they found a different story. Baroz isn’t unemployed. He’s working at the Curley School in Jamaica Plain. He didn’t get three pink slips either. He got the standard notification new teachers get each summer that they might not get rehired. He wasn’t fired.

Obama said he had “two decades of teaching experience.” In actuality, he is just starting his third year in the Boston school system. The American Thinker points out, “Since Mr. Baroz is considered a new teacher who has not yet earned ‘professional teacher status’ he receives a notice for his first three years of employment that he does not have a guaranteed job for life. Although this might be stressful, the alternative is giving tenure to teachers on their first day of work.” Anyone who takes a new job of any kind is in the same situation.

Did Obama actually meet Baroz as he claimed? Stunningly, no. The two never came face to face, shook hands or were introduced. Baroz was in the audience at a Rose Garden event for teachers last September with other teachers. That was it. No meeting.

According to the Daily Mail, “A White House spokesman said he told the story because Mr. Baroz’s school, ‘like so many across the country is facing a budget crunch.'” They went on to explain that Baroz himself had not objections to being used. “President Obama posed a rhetorical question by talking of people like him who are well qualified but not working.”

And we wonder why the media doesn’t care about lies or bias. Evidently many teachers are consciously flunking in these areas and the citizens they spew out think that way, too.

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