Words Heard This Week

You know a company is in trouble when they become a verb or a noun. For instance, Neil Cavuto asked on his business show whether “Costco had pulled a Netflix” in raising their club fee 10%. The hike Netflix did on its customers has caused it a lot of heartburn. Will Costco experience the same dyspepsia? We’ll see.

We have the “drive by media” term; now we have the “macaca media” thanks to Rick Perry and Michelle Malkin. When the Washington Post published a story about a rock with a vile name on it and tried to tie presidential candidate Rick Perry to it, she called them the macaca media. It is reminiscent of the job they did on Senator George Allen after he used the racially tinged word macaca. It was a smear campaign against Allen, which they hope to apply against Perry, despite the fact that he wasn’t responsible for it and disowned it.

“Darn tooting!” is an odd turn of phrase for our usually hip president. He said it at a DNC fundraiser in St. Louis last week when the topic turned to his health care plan. Someone asked if birth control was covered in Obamacare. That’s when he made his exclamation, to a lot of laughter. The Catholic bishops who vehemently oppose it, thoughtful people of conscience who decry it, doctors who have doubts about it were answered flippantly. So were taxpayers, who will be subsidizing a lot when people of no morals decide to indulge themselves carelessly.

The Occupy Wall Street event, admirably described by lawyer Peter Johnson as a “flash mob in search of a message” also brought a new term. Johnson coined “webcam wobblies.” The wobblies were a group started in 1905, made up of anarchists, socialists and radical trade union activists. They believed workers should unite as a class and abolish the wage system.

Johnson sees the Wall Street occupiers as similar people, only now visible on TV and the internet. “They have all the trappings of revolution but what we basically have is the Little Rascals gone camping in Manhattan.” He says they risk being used in a political way they may not want. Or maybe they do. Let’s hope this flash flares out soon.

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