Playing Possum

This morning, before our morning walk, I let the dog out. I looked a few minutes later and he was at the fence, trying to climb it and growling. Something had caught his attention.

Grabbing a flashlight, I went out to observe. It was a possum, caught between two fences. Couldn’t tell if it was alive or dead because its beady eyes didn’t blink. I retrieved the dog and waited until my husband got up.

By then, it was gone. We’ve seen coyotes, a beaver and the ever present raccoons in the heart of the city, so a possum wasn’t a big surprise.

We proceeded with our morning constitutional and the topic returned to the presidential candidates. I stopped watching TV and listening to talk radio hosts because if you listen to them, it’s Mitt. It’s all over and Romney wins. Funny, I didn’t know a single vote had been cast yet.

Others say it’s Cain. Yes, he Cain. Funny, he couldn’t in Georgia, running in the Senate primary a few years ago. He’s never held an elective office, but we’re supposed to believe he can defeat Obama’s huge machine. He’s never worked across the aisle with legislators, but we’re supposed to believe he could.

What about the other candidates? Have they disappeared or given up? I don’t think so.

Hard to believe that a hard fighting Texan like Rick Perry, who has never lost an election and always come from behind, is just going to hand it to Mitt or Cain. No, I think something else is going on.

Maybe some of the candidates are laying low. It’s really quite early in the process. Remember in 2008, John McCain was sinking in the polls at this point. If I were Mitt, I’d be wary of being on top now or if I were Cain, I would, too. Last time in 2008, Hillary was a shoe in. We all knew she was the opposition.

Didn’t quite work out that way, did it?

Somebody or somebodies are playing possum. For whatever reason, they don’t want to make their moves now.

Good. We need time to evaluate all of them. Let the possums do their work at night and see what they come up with. Then we’ll decide what to do.

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