We’re Going to the Dogs

Drudge had a story up about wild dogs terrorizing residents of North St. Louis. Evidently 10-15 feral dogs have been running around, scaring children on the way to school and people in the neighborhood. Ten years ago the same problem occurred with a child nearly eaten to death.

“We have an explosion of wild stray dogs in St. Louis,” Aldermanic President Lewis Reed told KMOX. “A great number of them are born out of captivity.”

While Health Director Pam Walker claims a lot of bite victims are from pets, she told the radio station that she “will unveil a plan this week to put more dog catchers on the street, but she says she’ll need Reed’s help to find the half million it will cost to fund.”

That’s right. Rounding up 10-15 dogs has been put at $500,000. Is this the height of ridiculousness?

First of all, must we run to the federal government for everything that goes wrong in our communities? Can’t a group of neighbors figure this out? Where’s our self reliance?

Secondly, half a million dollars? Seriously? Couldn’t someone put some meat out, watch the dogs gather and dart them with something? Is it that complicated? Or some neighbors set up a network where they could monitor the areas and then drop a dime to the animal control department?

It’s not that it’s a frivolous issue for residents, but have we completely lost the spirit that built this great country?

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