Weighty Issue

What is it about the French fry that heats up our legislators?

A few years back, it was the French in the fry. When the French wouldn’t come to the table on backing us in Iraq, Congress hurried to punish them by dubbing the side dish “freedom fries.” Michelle Obama has been at war with them almost from the day O took office. She’s been on a mission to bust the spud at school lunches, while she consumes them with abandon whenever she gets the chance.

The latest assault came from the Agriculture Department, which wanted to limit the number of times your local public school cafeteria could serve the tuber.

I, for one am not a fan of the fry or mashed potatoes, but I don’t think they should be trashed. If school cafeterias want to serve them, why should Uncle Sam tell them no? No one is forcing a child to take them. At this point, everyone knows that too much fried or rich food will make you fat. The direct correlation is obvious, so let the child learn that decisions have consequences. If he/she overindulges, he/she will gain weight. What better way or weigh to let kids practice decision making? Is this what the government doesn’t want young people to do? Decide for themselves? Is part of the message that every decision is best made by the bureaucrats in Washington?

At least some of the bureaucrats objected. Senator Susan Collins of Maine added an amendment to a funding bill for the Agriculture Department that stopped this ridiculous rule. It passed in what she correctly called “a victory for common sense.”

Who assumes that Washington has his or her best interest at heart? They don’t. Fact of life. There is always something in it for them.

At least on this occasion, this spud’s for you – this time.

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