An “Incredible Moment in Politics”

Today Gov. Romney was campaigning in Ohio. He stopped by a Republican phone bank. Volunteers were calling in regard to next week’s vote on Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s government union reforms. Although Kasich had already won a battle similar to Scott Walker’s in Wisconsin, Democrats and the AFL-CIO were successful in putting a ballot on next week’s election to repeal his reforms.

Kasich’s plan, according to, does not ban unions from bargaining over pay or working conditions. It attacks other benefits, namely:
1. bans government unions from bargaining over health insurance;
2. requires all government union members pay at least 10% of their wages toward their own pensions;
3. ends seniority rights as the sole factor in layoffs;
4. replaces seniority raises with merit raises;
5. bans government unions from striking;
6. makes government union dues voluntary.

Straightforward, fair stuff.

But Romney refused to endorse it. CNN’s Peter Hamby reported it was “an incredible moment in politics.” Reporter Conn Carroll at Beltwayconfidential wrote, “If Romney can’t endorse this common sense reform at the state level, why should conservatives believe he will fight against government at the federal level?”

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