Questions Still Swirling

Although Herman Cain has gone on Fox to deny the story that he made inappropriate sexual moves on women, there are still a lot of pieces of the puzzle that don’t fit.

Around the blogosphere, there are many thoughts about this. Patterico’s Pontifications lays out some of them.

For instance, Karl Rove (and others) have said he and the Cain campaign had known about Politico’s info ten days before publishing. He wonders why they were so unprepared for it. Notice that when Cain spokesman J.D. Gordon appeared on Geraldo Rivera’s Fox show Sunday night, he was evasive, refusing to categorically deny or support the charges.

Others find that Cain’s denial confirms the basics of the Politico story. Aaron Blake of the Washington Post asks, “So Cain knew about the allegations but didn’t follow up to see what the outcome was?” The Washington Examiner’s Philip Klein asks, too, “How can Cain go from claiming he was unaware of settlements to saying it involved three months salary, within a matter of hours?” Yes, that seems contradictory.

Allahpundit tweeted, “Interesting phrasing in Politico’s lede last night: ‘At LEAST two female employees.'” Are there more? Ace of Spades says he “heard there was a long and numerous history here.” Patterico blogs that’s “why unelected businessguy tends to have trouble in campaigns. Such candidates have not received the same vettingas people who have been governors or senators. And they tend to be unequipped to go into war room mode when accusations like this appear.”

Who did it? Some say Romney might have to wrap up the nomination. He has tried to give an aura of inevitability to his campaign and hustle it on through since he’s not really very conservative.

RealClearPolitics’ Sean Trende says “the fact that it is being dropped in October suggests there is worse to come.” It could be a death by a thousand cuts strategy. A continuation of accusations trickling out could build sentiment against Cain. National Review Online editor Rich Lowry added, “I think Cain seems quite sincere and believable, but he also makes you a little nervous about what he might remember next.”

Seems we haven’t heard the last of this story.

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