Perry Aide Confronts Charges

Curt Anderson, the Perry campaign aide accused of leaking the Cain story to Politico, is fighting back against the claim.

He says he did not know about Cain’s 1990s sexual harassment charge. “It’s hard to leak something you don’t know anything about.” He was then asked directly if he knew about the specific incident. “I don’t have any knowledge of any of this and you know, it’s just not true.”

On Fox News he continued. “All this stuff about who leaked whatever, any reporter in the free world is free to say anything to anybody that I ever said to them about Herman Cain. I give them carte blanche to do that because I have absolutely nothing to hide.”

Jim Geraghty at National Review notes that “Curt Anderson was only hired by Perry in the last week, i.e. after Politico had the story…Cain also knows his former strategist was a Romney guy in 2008 and now is definitely not on Team Cain for 2012.”

Seems reckless that the Cain camp would tar someone without any evidence, except if it was in their political interest.

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