Make That Four

I told people last week that the Cain scandal was far from over. From various gleanings, it was obvious that there is some kind of problem here. There were too many references in blogs talking about people in the know who had heard things beyond the National Restaurant Association problems.

Strategically, whoever is doing it would most likely continue trickling out information to keep the scandal alive.

In a way, the culprit is doing the GOP a favor. Get all the damaging information out now on all the candidates, because what the Obama campaign staffers would do with it would be ten times worse. And, it would happen at the most damaging time. October surprise anyone?

This morning attorney Gloria Allred has announced that a fourth accuser has come forward. RadarOnline and the AP says Allred will hold a presser this afternoon at the Friars Club in New York. The victim claims she approached Cain for help with an employment issue and was sexually harassed.

She makes four, what with two receiving settlements from the National Restaurant Association and another who stepped forward and told the AP of her travails with Cain.

Allred did a nasty on Meg Whitman last year in the California gubernatorial campaign if you’ll recall. She took up the cause of the illegal who worked years in the Whitman household. Conservatives who brushed that off were wrong because it damaged Whitman fatally.

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