Election Alert

We in Memphis are aware of the elections in Mississippi today since ads run on our local TV stations. There is the race for governor (Phil Bryant expected to win) and the life begins at conception ballot initiative.

There is another gubernatorial race in Kentucky where the Republican David Williams has been polling poorly against incumbent Democrat Steve Beshear. If Beshear wins reelection it will be a missed opportunity for the GOP and problematic since Beshear is working with the unions to take away workers right to a secret ballot.

But the most important action is in Ohio. The AFL-CIO, SEIU and other unions have been working hard and pouring $50 million into the state to stop the Wisconsin style economic reforms Republican Governor John Kasich has implemented. Issue 2 wants a repeal of SB5 and conservative Ohioans will want to vote yes on this. Issue 3 needs a yes, too. It would have an Ohio Health Care amendment that may exempt residents from Obamacare. How this goes could well influence the Supreme Court’s decision.

Virginia, too, has important elections. Reuters says “Republicans have a strong shot at taking control of the state Senate from Democrats. A win would put state government solidly in Republican hands in an important swing state, and mark a sharp turnaround from 2008 when Obama became the first Democrat to win Virginia since 1964…Political analysts said loss of the 40 seat Senate to Republicans would be a bad sign for Obama as he seeks t win Virginia and its 13 electoral votes next year.”

Elsewhere Washington state has issue 1163. It’s an SEIU pushed plan that would in effect cost taxpayers $80 billion to train SEIU members to do their jobs properly. In Arizona, pro amnesty groups have targeted State Senator Russell Pearce who has pushed crackdowns on illegal immigration. The AFL-CIO and SEIU and Moveon.org have put big bucks against him.

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