Color Two More States Bright Red

A few votes still had to be counted from Tuesday’s elections. It’s official; they have and both Virginia and Mississippi are now solidly red.

Townhall reports that “Virginia state senator R. Edward Houck conceded defeat Thursday, dashing any Democratic hopes of hanging on to power in Richmond. The Spotsylvania Democrat announced his decision on Facebook and at a news conference in Fredericksburg after Rep. Bryce Reeves picked up four more votes Thursday in Louisa County. Reeves’ victory over the 28 year Senate veteran delivers the last bastion of Democrat power into the hands of the GOP, which already controlled the House, the governor’s mansion and the Attorney General’s office. Republicans have not held such sway in Richmond since the Civil War.”

About time, wouldn’t you say?

Also time in Mississippi which is Republican controlled (House, Senate, governorship) for the first time in 130 years.

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