Newt-ness Will Wear Off

Looks like it’s Newt Gingrich’s time to come under the microscope.

When the primaries began he was rather low in the polls. Since then other candidates’ fumbles and stumbles have many Republicans thinking that he is our ABM (anyone but Mitt) guy.

Hold on. This morning a blog named Betsy’s page puts it all in perspective with “Why this shouldn’t be Newt’s moment.” In case you have forgotten or don’t know this about Newt, her compilings from the blogosphere on him should snap a conservative out of his stupor.

First off she quotes Michael Brendan Dougherty of Business Insider. He asks “Ever wonder why Newt Gingrich has so many ideas? It’s pretty simple. Ideas come to you easily when you have no principles to get in the way of your roaming untrained intellect.” Here are a few things he doesn’t like:

“Newt promoted the return of the Fairness Doctrine.
He was for a federal individual health care mandate, the lynchpin of ObamaCare.
He was practically spooning Nancy Pelosi in commercials about the need for government action on global warming.
He supports green energy projects (Solyndras) and farm subsidies.
Even as late as this year he was pitching for more government intervention in the health care system at the progressive Brookings Institution.”

Dougherty sees problems lapping over from Newt’s private life. “Gingrich is the face of redstate family dysfunction and hypocrisy. If you somehow nominate this man, say goodbye to character counts arguments. You’ll have lost the already.”

Neither does he like that “when Newt gets a question he doesn’t like, he starts whining petulantly. He practically faints as if his corset has been pulled too tight. C’mon conservatives, you know this doesn’t appeal to you.”

Gary P. Jackson says that conservatives can’t trust Gingrich. “Anytime the chips were down, whether it was backing a far left liberal “republican” like De De Scozzafava instead of a solid conservative in New York, hopping on the couch with Nancy Pelosi while shilling for Al Gore’s global warming hoax, shilling for the ethanol farmers, or wanting to replace one giant government boondoggle with another, you could always count on Newt Gingrich to betray you.”

Jennifer Rubin adds this. “Gingrich has supported the individual mandate and cap and trade. He vouched for Harriet Miers for the Supreme Court. At various times he supported creating the Dept. of Education, ethanol subsidies and Medicare Part D. And let’s not forget his counterproductive and false attack on Rep. Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan as conservative social engineering.”

This is just the tip of the iceberg the U.S.S. Newt would hit. Read the rest at

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