President Obama had this Thanksgiving message to the American people:

President Obama had this Thanksgiving message to the American people:

Notice something missing? God is not mentioned once. Not even at the end when presidents often close with “May God Bless America.” The speech is as secular as an essay by Vladimir Lenin. The purpose of Thanksgiving was to give thanks, all right, but to God.

Instead, Obama offers thanks to the military (an easy play, but they won’t buy it from him) and to those serving in soup kitchens and shelters (previously the domain of churches). He again says we must be our brother’s keeper; however, with him it’s more like our brother’s watcher.

He explains that Americans have always drawn strength from each other. Maybe. It strikes me that we are a contentious lot. Americans were divided in the revolution and certainly in the Civil War. We were in the Vietnam era and we are now. What we always do draw strength from, though, is God. He is the ultimate source of strength for religious people and we are a religious nation, even if Obama chooses to ignore that.

“Pilgrims, pioneers and patriots …helped make this country what it is,” Obama says. I think all three of those groups would themselves, again, say under God’s direction and help. Notice he left out businessmen, inventors and entrepreneurs?

Obama continues by saying one of the most American things is “the chance to determine our own destiny.” Then why do we have in God We Trust on our money and one nation under God in our pledge? Sorry, Mr. Obama, but our sense of destiny has always included God’s guidance, not our efforts alone. It was a cheap shot to complain about gridlock in Washington; stop slapping your opponents when you pretend you want unity.

We “support each other and look out for each other,” he concludes. Coming from someone else that might be tolerable, but from the socialist-in-chief it just seems creepy.

Finally, Obama just says “Thanks.” Without God, it just rings hollow.

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