Cain Wreck

Once Herman Cain’s candidacy began to get traction, many people hopped on board the Cain train. When accusations of affairs came forward, people still got on the train to defend him.

OK, maybe these allegations were made by money or fame hungry women, but there were other signs that he had trouble. There were complaints that he had no serious staff in Iowa or New Hampshire. Tales of interested people contacting his staff to volunteer, only to be rebuffed. Stories of Cain going through 3-4 managers in one month, then the odd choice of his weird cigarette puffing campaign chief.

In the blogs, there were rumors of heavy drinking on Cain’s part and of other people attesting that he was no choirboy in his Atlanta neighborhood.

Now another woman has come forward and claims she had a 13-year affair with him.

For some supporters, it has been more than they can handle.

Film Ladd is one of those and he has some interesting things to say. His article is titled “When Book Tours Go Bad” subtitled “Herman Cain Should Never Have Run.” Pointedly, he files it under “politics, morons, liars and Elmer Gantry.”

“I was pro-Cain at the beginning,” he writes. “Loved his speeches, thought he was witty, enjoyed meeting him at CPAC. I had all sorts of viral video ideas for him, back when he was a tabula rasa and no one knew who he was.

“Then I tried to correspond with his team. One of them led me on for roughly five months. Eventually I discovered that someone else already had an exclusive contract to do all of his videos. I had been flat out lied to. Probably in order to keep me from working with any other candidate.

“Even so, I was willing to be nice to Cain and not constantly dump all over him. But now I am angry.

“Mr. Cain you do NOT run for president in these times unless you are serious about it. It’s flat out apparent now that you aren’t, weren’t and never will be. A serious candidate would have released all the dirt on himself before any of it dripped, dripped, dripped out.

“But hey, you never thought that your con to sell your book would actually spark, did you? You never thought that good, decent, hard working American people would actually believe what you said. Now here you are, trapped like a lying fly in amber, hoping to get the big brass ring without any other dirt coming out on you.

“All you are doing is playing your friends, your supporters and some of my very good friends for your own fame and glory. And drinking parties. Yes – you drink like a fish, you flirt all over the place and everyone who’s attended CPAC knows it. Nothing wrong with partying. Unless you lie about it. And try to deceive the public about it. If you want to be the American Tea Party Berlusconi, then be up front about it, don’t be a damned coward.

“You should be ashamed of yourself.

“If you didn’t have such a ridiculous ego that seems to only recognize television and radio celebrities as your equals (and no one else is worth your glorious time), you’d see that your behavior is destructive, pathetic and shameful. You are not presidential material. You are a quasi-conservative, shallow celebrity with a speed impediment who spoke up to Bill Clinton back in the day. Period.

“We don’t need a Bill Clinton Republican on the GOP ticket, lying and hiding and parsing words in stupid legalese. You, sir, are a sociopath.

“Apologize to your supporters and drop out now.”

The author goes on to say that as this has come out, “I’m getting flooded with dm’s, email and messages from other vendors who were lied to – attorneys, campaign consultants, as well as conservative bloggers. Seems that this, too is a ‘pattern’ with Mr. Cain and his team.”

As for Ginger White, the new woman to speak of an affair, it seems she has records of calls Cain made to her as late as September.

A lot of people stuck their neck out for Cain. Fox News anchors, radio personalities Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and others went to the mat for him. It was a very foolish move.

It’s a very foolish thing for Republicans to now go running to Newt Gingrich as savior. His smug demeanor, flip flops and loose tongue – not to mention some of his horrible past decisions – should, in the aftermath of this Cain wreck, temper minds.

Let’s go back and look at candidates’ records and compare what they say with what they’ve done. This wild gyration in opinions is like the stock market – out of control and dangerous.

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