Election Commissioner

Dee Nollner
Dee Nollner and Georgeann King
Although she just joined the Election Commission in May, Dee Nollner has been involved in elections a long time. Through it all she has accumulated more knowledge about them than even some of her fellow commissioners.

She was our guest speaker last night at the Midtown Republican Club meeting and discussed the new voter ID law and her work on the commission. Nollner has been trying to inform the public about how easy it is to get one and putting to rest rumors that it disenfranchises anyone. “You can use your driver’s license, but you can also use an expired license from another state or even a gun license. It just has to have been issued by the government or any state; student photo ids, however, are not acceptable.”

Although it’s hard to imagine that someone doesn’t have a valid ID since you can’t even buy beer in the grocery store without one, you can get one at the DMV on East Shelby Drive from 8:30-5 on Saturdays. For the elderly in nursing homes or the Amish, they can elect to vote absentee by requesting a ballot before 90-7 days before the election.

And there are plenty of elections coming our way. Early voting for the presidential primary ballot will begin February 15 with election day March 6. August 2 is the state primary and county general with early voting July 13-28 and November 6 is the big one – the presidential one – along with some state and federal elections.

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