Mitchell Morrison of Shelby GOP attended the Midtown Republican Club meeting and told us something shocking.

He was there to solicit membership for the Shelby GOP. It stands on its own without any financial help from the state party or the RNC. It has to support candidates, cover office expenses and pay the salary for our director, Cory Higdon.

But Morrison told us that only 45 people in the city of Memphis and Shelby County are paid members.

Granted, Memphis is Democrat territory. But 45 people? Come on. Membership is just $25 for the year. Many people probably spend that on coffee in a month.

When people complain about the party not searching out good candidates or challenging the city administration, they have to ask themselves what they have contributed. We cannot operate out of thin air. If you want more Republican activism, it starts with you.

Go ShelbyGOP.org and click the link at the top right box that says “Join the Party.” It doesn’t commit you to attending meetings, making phone calls or knocking on doors. You won’t be required to do a thing, but you will be helping our candidates and helping the city towards better governance.

It says a lot about the leadership that the Aug. 5, 2010 election resulted in almost a complete slate of Republican officials. Just think what they could do if we had thousands of members.

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