The hate is out there

Late Friday afternoon Louisiana governor Bobby Jindhal gave a speech to the audience at the Hilton Riverside. He charted the good things that have been happening in his administration.

Later, on leaving the event, we were surprised to see (but shouldn’t have been) the usual circus of protestors outside. Signs read “Jindhal Swindle,” “Don’t cut UNO (university of New Orleans) funds” and other “clever” remarks.

Seems the protest didn’t end there. Drudge reports today that Friday night, the Republican party of Louisiana was holding a fund raising event at Brennan’s in the French Quarter. An altercation occurred between Jindhal’s campaign fund raising chief, Allee Bautsch, her boyfriend and some opponents. It ended with Bautsch’s leg being broken by thugs, her boyfriend suffering a concussion and fractures to his nose and jaw.

Seems like the left just can’t restrain from violence.

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