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If you listen to the pundits the Republican primary presidential race is in disarray. Cain has tumbled, Newt is cratering, Romney is stagnant, Paul is a nightmare, the rest are second rate. What to do?

First, turn off the news where new polls are trumpeted every hour. Certainly the polls that had Cain sweeping the nation are meaningless now. These will be, too. No vote has been cast as yet and the situation is fluid.

Most importantly, evaluate the candidates for who they are and what they stand for and decide who you like. In the past few days some bloggers have gone ahead and done this, publishing their endorsements. It is interesting reading.

Mike Flynn of Big Government, Dan McLaughlin and others from Redstate and the Ace of Spades crew have come out and chosen Rick Perry.

Although he may not seem like the current favorite, they have thoughtful ideas on why he is the best choice.

Ever since I heard Rick Perry say at a conference that he wanted “to make Washington as inconsequential in our lives as possible,” I knew that was what I wanted to hear. Our framers did not anticipate that its citizens would have to be on alert every hour of the day to monitor what rain of error our officials would shower us with next. They wanted to foster a climate of freedom in which people would be able to go about pursuing happiness – within the confines of right and wrong – without looking over their shoulders to see what was approaching on the horizon.

Perry has demonstrated that he understands this American need, even if our elites have forgotten. As these writers point out, that makes him the conservative’s choice. Plus, he has a record of achievement in Texas that counters Obama’s in a stark way.

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Dan McLaughlin’s at
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See for yourself.

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