Beat down update

The story of the attack on two Republicans in the French Quarter of New Orleans continues to get attention.

Some reports claim five people beat up the pair and police are looking over surveillance tapes. A white man with an auburn ponytail has been reported as the main perpetrator. At first the police said the twosome were mugged, however, Ms. Bausch used her purse as a pillow on the way to the hospital. As some people commented, a mugging in the French Quarter rarely involves a physical attack because the criminals want the money and don’t have time to waste beating someone up. They want to escape as quickly as possible. Gatewaypundit has been on top of this story so go there if you want more details.

One wonders if the probe of ACORN and the SEIU in New Orleans by the governor has any connection to this case.

Also, what if one of them had been carrying a gun? They could have protected themselves. In light of the howl that has come up by Memphis restaurant owners about people carrying guns into their restaurants, I think a gun in this case would have prevented the melee.

It is reported that Ms. Bausch had her leg operated on and faces months of recovery, so bad was the attack.

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