And more why they hate

If you’ve ever watched the show “19 Kids and Counting” you are familiar with the large Dugger family of Arkansas.

Talk to a liberal and they will express outrage that people should have so many kids. Why? The Duggers get no federal assistance, they manage their own affairs, owe nothing and even home school their children at no expense to the state. I thought liberals were all about people doing their own thing, particularly when it comes to the bedroom.

But no. Many a liberal has come to near frothing when discussing them.

I think I might finally have understood their objection.

Raising your own children in the privacy of your own home without any assistance from the state violates one of the left’s most cherished ideas: It takes a village.

Clearly, it does not. The Duggers show that it only takes a loving Mom and Dad who think for themselves to bring up outstanding young people. The left clings to our dependence on the state and a culture of death to keep them in power. They do not like individuals succeeding.

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